Samal Sarangadhar Message

samal-sarangadharGreetings to all the attendees of DCI’s 2011 conference on Child Rights and Sight. It is estimated that 72 million children in India between five and 14 years do not have access to basic education. We are very happy to partner with DCI. This joint venture of DCI & NYSASDRI will work for the greater good of the children, providing them their basic rights.

Although I am unable to participate because of the UN-DPI Annual Conference in Bonn, Germany, my soul and heart is there. I am sure that with Dr. Hoque’s able leadership, DCI can connect the world community with the mission of eliminating child labor and restoring the vision of blind children. Thanks DCI for sponsoring children to provide education and health care in India, and for restoring the vision of children. I hope that each delegate of the conference will be motivated to join in this mission with the same spirit and interest.

Samal Sarangadhar
Founder, Kalinga Eye Hospital & Research Centre, Orissa, India, Director, National Youth Service Action and Social Development Research Institute (NYSASDRI), India