Support Children & Families in Your Neighborhood

Childhood poverty is not only an issue in the developing world –it is a serious nationwide issue for us here in the United States. The average U.S. family in poverty, with two adults and two children, lives on less than $24,000 a year! After covering rent, transport and other costs of basic living, you can imagine how difficult it is to provide a warm winter coat, proper boots, or backpack and school supply or cost of extracurricular activities or meeting simple birthday/Christmas wish or sudden family expenses like broken heater etc. DCI works to help local children through it “Children Helping Children” initiative. In which children of privileged families work individually or in groups to raise funds to help other children or their families meet specific needs. They also volunteer and help in local soup kitchen/food pantry. In addition to children and families in poverty, we help build awareness among local children about children around the world, we teach them to appreciate diversity and stand up against bullying.

How can you get support?

DCI works to support local children and families in poverty. If your family needs support or if you know a child or family in need and would like to help please submit a request to: To be eligible the family needs to give proof of income. Our team will review your request and get back to you within two weeks.

What you can provide gifts for

$30 towards school supply
$40 for a school backpack
$100 for winter gears (coat, boot)
$250-$1000 for home improvement (proof of emergency need and completion required)
Any amount for Food Pantry (Greater Boston area)

Immediate Need

We are urgently seeking volunteers to help distribute masks and get involved with covid-19 awareness activities among the city’s homeless population, low-income residents, and shelters, train stations, especially within the Bangladeshi community and among new immigrants, in Cambridge area. Contact Dr. Ehsan Hoque. Phone: 857-292-9186.