Professor A.K. Azad Khan Message

Prof-AzadWelcome and greetings!

It is certainly true that children are the hope of mankind. As the continuation of the human species, they are our most precious resource and our future. In Bangladesh, however, we see everywhere children living lives of extreme poverty, hardship and total despair. The help available for these children is negligible compared to their extreme need. Organizations like DCI are much needed to tackle this situation. Distressed Children & Infants International is doing a great job to help children suffering from poverty in Bangladesh.

I am very happy to be able to establish a relationship with DCI and to have the opportunity to work with DCI leaders, especially, Dr. Brian DeBroff, Dr. Ehsan Hoque and Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed. The DCI team understands the gravity of the situation in Bangladesh and realizes that the children’s plight needs urgent attention; we cannot just stand aloof and pity or sympathize with them, but must create opportunities for them to attain their full human dignity.

DCI’s Sun Child Sponsorship (SCS) Program is a wonderful program that is providing long term support to underprivileged Bangladeshi children and their families. It is giving these unfortunate children the rare opportunity to become productive citizens. At the same time it is attracting many Bangladeshi-Americans and especially young Americans to visit Bangladesh to meet their sponsored children and get involved in different humanitarian activities. I am confident that this program is creating a long-lasting relationship between American children and the less fortunate children of Bangladesh. It is also giving a rare opportunity to our young Bangladeshi-American generation to know about their own roots—their Bangladeshi culture, heritage, and language.

At Diabetic Association of Bangladesh, we are committed to providing health care support and other logistical support to DCI. We look forward to assisting DCI for a long time and I am hopeful that we will make a significant difference in the lives of many children and their families in Bangladesh.

I believe that the right to a joyful childhood leading to a life full of opportunities is the fundamental right of every child. Our children are the future of our nation and we must help them reach their full potential. Therefore, I would like to request all Bangladeshi people (both abroad and living in Bangladesh) to join this program and help at least one child in Bangladesh. You have the capacity to change a life. Please sponsor an underprivileged child and help in building a new generation in Bangladesh. I also want to invite all of you to visit Bangladesh and see with your own eyes how we are changing lives of underprivileged children and their families.

Thank you very much for your kind help and support for the Bangladeshi children.

Professor A.K. Azad Khan
President, Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (DAB)
Country Director and Representative, DCI Bangladesh