Muhammad Abdul Mazid Message

Md-Abdul-MazidI am confident that DCI’s Conference on Child Rights & Sight will be able to create an awareness, increase consensus and foster mutual understanding among stakeholders at large on children’s rights in local, national, and international communities, on issues of poverty in the 21st century, and on providing a forum for discussing creative, community-driven methods for alleviating child labor, hunger, and poverty around the world. I am happy to publically announce that Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) is taking part in excellent endeavors for the development of distressed children and has undertaken some commendable projects in Bangladesh, specifically. I have had the opportunity of visiting some of the projects, and I was highly impressed by the thoughtfulness, caring and creativity of those programs implemented for the distressed section of our future generation.

I wish DCI a great success.

Muhammad Abdul Mazid
Former Chairman, National Board of Revenue (NBR)
Ministry of Finance, Government of Bangladesh
CEO, Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (DAB)
Advisor, DCI Bangladesh