Matthew R. Nelson Message

matt-nelsonMy journey to helping the impoverished children of Bangladesh and establishing the Sun Child Home began in 1985 during a fellowship at the United Nations Development Programme. My project’s goal was to reduce rural poverty and promote economic development by improving rural infrastructure. I could not have imagined then that 20 years later I would be travelling on some of those same roads while opening a garment manufacturing plant outside of Dhaka. The abject poverty in Bangladesh and plight of the underprivileged children resonated deeply with me and was in such stark contrast to my own children’s lives.

The idea of helping to save one child at a time in this far-off place had been born and I eagerly enlisted the support of my wife and two children. After lots of research and inquiries with various NGO’s in Bangladesh, my wife Kim, 10 year old daughter Jennings, and 12 year old son Lane travelled to Bangladesh for our Spring Break in 2009. The visit was a real opportunity for our family to understand the true nature of the human spirit, the depths of poverty that exist in the world, and our responsibility for the wellbeing of others.

We were fortunate to meet many of DCI’s employees and volunteers and visit certain DCI-related activities. We had an immediate bond with the people and mission of DCI and decided to work in partnership with them to save one child at a time. Our primary objective is to provide a safety net for as many children as possible and provide them with the basics: a safe and supportive place to live, nutrition, healthcare, education, and a chance for future economic success. In addition, we are educating American children about the challenges facing the underprivileged children of Bangladesh and other developing countries and encouraging them to take responsibility for the wellbeing of others.