M.W. Ahmed, MD, MHS, FACP Message

m-w-ahmedThe children are the future of a nation. Unfortunately, the 17 young girls aged 3-8 years that I met at DCI’s Sun Child Home for orphans did not have a future of their own. They did not have a chance to survive, as their families simply abandoned them under conditions where it was impossible to take care of one more child, let alone a girl.

But as fate would have it, now they are living in a protected, clean, safe and healthy environment with regular education, even including music, dance and art lessons.
This is like a fairly tale come true for these few lucky children, and it happened because of Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) and its relentless effort to make a difference in this group of people, whose expectations are minimal and for whom fighting for daily food and survival is the norm, even at the age of 3.

We know there are millions like these children here in Bangladesh and around the world. But making a difference for one child at a time like DCI can make this world a better place for them and for us all. It will lessen at least some our burden and shame to do now what we ought to have done a long time ago and should do everyday. Please get involved and lets make a change together.