M. Lora Chowdhury

loraLora Chowdhury is currently a student at the University of Texas at Austin studying Economics and Pre-law. Born and raised a Bengali-American, Lora’s passion lies in her work with children. She works at the local, national and international levels, helping underprivileged children attain valuable education. Her involvement ranges from being a nationally certified tutor though the Learn To Be tutoring organization, to an international spokesperson for Distressed Children and Infants International. Seeking to spread her passion and thirst for knowledge, Lora has founded a scholarship program to benefit the young girls involved in DCI’s programs. Spending her time working in developing nations and orphanages, she hopes that one day every child has the self-motivation and opportunity to make the wildest of their dreams come true. Lora dreams of becoming a congresswoman for the great state of Texas. As Miss Teen Texas International 2011, Lora was empowered with a crown and sash to travel and spread the power of knowledge to children around the world. Lora believes education truly is the key to success, and one day she aspires to be a revolutionary woman, working to halt poverty and empower every child to believe in the power of knowledge.

Lora founded the Learning Creates Futures scholarship program under DCI in an effort to give less fortunate children in third world countries the opportunity and resources to attain post-secondary education. Informing children across the globe about the power of knowledge and the beauty of their own dreams, Lora works extensively to motivate children worldwide. Through Learning Creates Futures, Lora has awarded over 30 scholarships in addition to tending to the DCI orphanage in Mohammadpur, where she has built a library network for the girls.