Limu Chowdhury

lchowdhuryLimu Chowdhury was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh on March 29th 1967. She is the daughter of M.A Rashed and Delwara Begum. Her father is a retired civil engineer and her mother is the Principal of Haji Malek College, Khulna.

In 1986, Limu came to the United States after marrying Masud Chowdhury. She spent a few short years in Nevada and Oklahoma, and finally moved to Dallas, Texas, where she has been living for 18 years. Limu attended Mountain View College in Dallas and studied business. She is currently the Vice-President of Trigon Inc, a real estate company that owns and manages investment properties.

Limu is the proud mother of three beautiful children, Lira, 23, Lora, 17, and Maraaj, 11. Since 2005, she has dedicated an enormous amount of time working for underprivileged children through Distressed Children & Infants International. Her daughters are also dedicated and passionate DCI volunteers following in the footsteps of their mother. Limu Chowdhury takes it as a personal mission to work for distressed children in Bangladesh and other countries around the world for the rest of her life.