Journey for Child Rights & Sight

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DCI’s Journey for Child Rights & Sight (JCRS) is a call to action, raising awareness about issues of child rights and blindness and inspiring our youth and global community to service for underprivileged children and humanity. The Journey for Child Rights & Sight began on June 4, 2006 at DCI’s 1st Conference on Child Rights & Sight at Yale University. Over the last several years, DCI has organized a number of events in the USA, Canada and Bangladesh under this banner.

Program Overview

The Need

Living in United Stated and benefiting from all the privileges of a rich country, it is hard to understand the reality of poverty. It is difficult to imagine children going to bed hungry, having no school to go to, and having no care when they are sick. But there are millions of children that live in these conditions every day, unaware that anything better exists. We can do something for them only if we realize their needs and know how to successfully address them. An integral part of DCI’s mission is to make people aware of the people around them so we can act as a global citizens.