Ian Burzynski

ianIan Burzynski began working as DCI’s Chief Development Officer and Director of Communications in 2010. He received his Bachelor’s degree in International Management at McGill University in 2008, after studying in Mexico and developing a strong interest in international development and poverty alleviation.

Believing that building solidarity across boundaries of culture and religion is essential to tackle the world’s most difficult problems, Ian has received training at the Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland OR, and has worked with numerous interfaith organizations, including the Journal of Interreligious Dialogue, the Cordoba Initiative, and Pathways for Mutual Respect. He is particularly interested in creating ties of friendship and peace between people of the United States and Muslim-majority countries.

Ian is excited to be playing a key role in the development of DCI, an organization which promotes cross-cultural collaboration, ethical leadership and global service to create a more just world for children.