Dr. Seerat Nasir

SeeratDr. Seerat Nasir is very supportive and dedicated to DCI’s work on children’s health and has been involved with DCI since 2005. In early 2012, she visited DCI’s clinic in the Kallyanpur slum as well DCI’s orphanage, and felt that DCI has the potential of extending comprehensive health services to men, women and young people in the slums to improve their general and reproductive health.

Dr. Nasir is an Independent Consultant currently residing in Norman, Oklahoma. She has worked for over 20 years in program design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and training, 13 of which were served in Southeast Asia. During this time she worked in the area of youth, reproductive health, family planning and clinical training. She also focused on mainstreaming gender into programs on sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS and helped develop rights-based projects for marginalized populations (e.g. PLWAs, sex workers, MSMs, refugees). She was key in developing, implementing and managing a program on reducing unsafe abortion among women in Indonesia and Mongolia.

Dr. Nasir has worked with international development organizations like IPPF, PPFA-International, and Ipas, focusing on reproductive health and the rights of women and young people. She was responsible for establishing Ipas’s Bangladesh Country Office and implementing a 5-year program on Maternal Health in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh’s Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. The program reaches women of all ages including the poor and underserved. She was also responsible for strengthening health systems in India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

Dr. Seerat Nasir has a passion for women and children’s health and has worked extensively in South and Southeast Asia to improve lives of women and children. Dr. Nasir is a medical graduate with training in Ob/Gyn and holds a Masters degree in Health Social Science from Mahidol University, Thailand.