Dr. M. Sayeedur Rahman Khan Message

sayeedur-rahman-khanI would like to take this opportunity to offer my warmest greetings to the attendees of Distressed Children & Infants International’s 2011 Conference on Child Rights & Sight. As the Bangladesh High Commissioner to the UK, I would also like to thank all members of DCI for working toward the betterment of life for the distressed children of Bangladesh and their families.

What DCI has accomplished within a short period of time is praiseworthy. Now DCI is in the process of starting its operation in the UK and I am happy to extend my full support.

I am confident that the 2011 Rights and Sight for Children Conference will be a great success, fostering a greater awareness, consensus and mutual understanding amongst stakeholders at large on children’s rights issues in local, national, and international communities. Let us join together and create a situation where a child need not do manual labor to survive.

With my all best wishes for the success of DCI,

Dr. M. Sayeedur Rahman Khan
Bangladesh High Commissioner to the United Kingdom