Director of DCI Visits Bangladesh

Program Director of Distressed Children International (DCI), Ms. Limu Chowdhury, went to Bangladesh on September 17, 2007. The purpose of her visit is to supervise DCI’s activities and the Sun Child Sponsorship (SCS) Program in Bangladesh. She will also participate in DCI’s Flood relief and rehabilitation activities and will inaugurate the observation of Child Rights Week 2007.

During her visit, Ms. Chowdhury will speak with stakeholders to discuss plans to strengthen the outcry against child labor in this country. Ms. Chowdhury will be traveling to different districts of Bangladesh to inspect the activities of DCI.

At present the Association for Social and Health Improvement-Fund of Bangladesh (AFB) and the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (DAB) are implementing various projects of DCI in three districts of Bangladesh. If you are working on child rights issues and want to contact Ms. Limu Chowdhury during her visit to Bangladesh, please contact her at the following address:

Distressed Children International (DCI), Inc.
Tel# 01552460242, 01817381900, 9144836, 8158502-3, Ext-122 (Bangladesh)
Tel#203-376-6351, Tel+Fax#203-272-3869, Toll Free#1-866-516-7495 (USA)