DCI Provides Aid and Relief to Victims of Cyclone Sidr

Patuakhali, Bangladesh (January 15, 2008) – In November of 2007, thousands of people lost their lives, and hundreds of thousands more were left without food and shelter when Cyclone Sidr struck Bangladesh. The Patuakhali district, one of DCI’s Sun Child Sponsorship project locations, was devastated by the storm’s powerful winds. Because DCI already had infrastructure in place with trained workers ready to go, the organization was able to provide relief and rehabilitation aid to local residents immediately after the cyclone hit. As a first response, DCI distributed about 4000 emergency kits containing food, water, blankets, warm clothing, and medicine. Once local residents were out of immediate danger, DCI began to focus its efforts on reconstruction, and 30 homes were rebuilt during the month of December. Throughout December and January, Dr. Ehsan Hoque, DCI Executive Director, visited the areas affected by Cyclone Sidr with a volunteer team from the USA and personally supervised the charity’s relief work. While he was very pleased with the aid DCI was able to provide to the people of Patuakhali, he noted that DCI is intent on doing more. “Our goal is to rebuild at least 200 homes over the course of this year,” said Dr. Hoque.