Rownak Alin

My son Mahin Mursalin writes our sponsored kids regularly and gets so excited to get a letter in the mail from Bangladesh. It is an amazing program that changed our daily life. –Rownak Alin New York … [Read more...]

Dr. Abdul Ali Manu

My son is sponsoring a child in Bangladesh through DCI’s Sun Child Program since 2005. Abid likes the program, especially the communication with his sponsored friend. Abid saves money in his piggy bank for his sponsored child and always waits for the letter and picture of his sponsored friend. This … [Read more...]

Reanna Rafiq and Gulen Rafiq

Sponsoring children has given my own children perspective. It’s offered our family a greater world view compared to our own small lives. –Reanna Rafiq and Gulen Rafiq Suwanee, GA … [Read more...]

Sharmeen Parvez

Sun Child Sponsorship program is a great program. I am supporting this program from my heart and I appreciate the work that DCI is doing for these poor underprivileged children. –Sharmeen Parvez, Prosper, TX … [Read more...]

Anusur Rahman Nanto

I really appreciate this endeavor. It is a very constructive effort to involve our kids with their roots. I am requesting all of our friends to involve their kids for such support to the distressed children of Bangladesh. Anusur Rahman Nanto Australia … [Read more...]

Sonia Khan

We have been sponsoring a distressed child in Bangladesh since right after my little daughter Sohi was born. We keep the sponsored child’s picture in our home so that our daughter realizes that she has a friend back home in Bangladesh. We hope that she will develop a connection with our roots in … [Read more...]

Nahid Sharmin

Something amazing happened to our children. It created some new feelings in the hearts of our children. It opened their eyes to the pain of the rest of the world, showed them how the majority of children live and most importantly, motivated them to think of others. Compassion for others was born in … [Read more...]

Molly Preudhomme

I believe Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) has developed excellent programs that can give American children the opportunity to learn about the lives of children from different countries around the world and will foster in them a sense of empathy for others and a desire to take a … [Read more...]

Masud Chowdhury

I want to thank DCI for changing the lives of my children. My Daughter, Lora, a senior in Cedar Hills High School, Texas, has sponsored a child in Bangladesh through DCI for the last 4 years. I saw that she gradually changed her attitude towards her life. Before, she always wanted brand named items … [Read more...]

Xiao Lan Wang

My daughter Amanda is sponsoring a child and has been volunteering for the last 5 years at DCI. She is working in our restaurant and also babysitting to earn money to sponsor the child in Bangladesh. I am very proud of her and her work. In fact, the volunteering work with DCI helped my daughter open … [Read more...]

Dr. Tariq Islam

We just signed up to sponsor our second child through DCI. I can see the positive changes in my children after we started child sponsorship though DCI. I feel that it is so important to teach our kids about gratitude and thankfulness and to not be selfish. –Dr. Tariq Islam New York … [Read more...]


I have seen thankfulness generated in my children through DCI’s Sun child sponsorship. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I can definitely tell you that if you want to teach your children to be thankful, to be compassionate, to live a grateful life, consider sponsoring a child or getting your … [Read more...]