Limu R. Chowdhury

On my first visit to meet my sponsored children in Bangladesh, I was amazed to see the effect DCI’s Sun Child Sponsorship Program was having on the sponsored children as well as their families and communities. I was overwhelmed with joy to see that my contribution was really bringing changes in the … [Read more...]

Chowdhury Salahuddin Mahmood

I was very impressed with the briefing given by the DCI Team. The whole team is very committed. I feel confident that the work they are doing is making a big difference in the lives of the underprivileged in Bangladesh. I hope to visit a DCI project in future and observe their efforts first-hand. … [Read more...]

Rabiul Karim Belal

I had the opportunity to visit Rangpur, Nilphamari- JalDkaka, and see my sponsored child, Rabiul Ajaharul. I also talked to a few children and their parents. I was very impressed with the whole system and the way it is being implemented. Thank to all of you for the great job you are doing, –Rabiul … [Read more...]

Masud Reza

I was delighted to meet the members of DCI’s office in Bangladesh. I am so pleased to see their work for the Sun Child Sponsorship program. I think all the members of this office are very efficient, motivated and passionate about their work for distressed children and I am looking forward to working … [Read more...]

Shahan Chowdhury

I am sponsoring 40 children through the Sun Child Sponsorship Program. It was a privilege for me to visit Distressed Children & Infants International in Bangladesh. I am very happy to be a part of the noble work that DCI is doing for these underprivileged children and their families. I truly believe … [Read more...]

Sabina Ahmed, MBBS, M.D.

I took it as my life’s mission to work for distressed children. In establishing DCI’s Orphan Support Program, our aim is to enhance the physical, emotional, social and intellectual well-being of children living in orphanages in Bangladesh. Please join this effort. I would like to offer my most … [Read more...]

Drs. Rokeya Huq & Manzur Huq

Drs. Rokeya Huq and Manzur Huq traveled to Bangladesh in January 2007 to visit the child they are sponsoring. They were pleasantly surprised when DCI’s personnel made them feel so welcome. “To see the work that gets done in the projects is very useful and necessary, and that the money is used … [Read more...]

Reza A. Kazi (Rodis)

My family has sponsored Palash Chandra since 2006. I’ve had the privilege of visiting the DCI project in Bangladesh in December 2006. I was very delighted to talk with the DCI staff, as well as the officials of AFB and DAB. They are working very hard to make the Sun Child Sponsorship Program a … [Read more...]

Ayesha Dewan

It has been my pleasure to be part of the DCI family. My family has sponsored Balaet Hossen (FN#03) for the last two years. In 2006, I visited the DCI Dhaka office and met with volunteers working at different sites. The work process looks transparent and every individual is dedicated and well … [Read more...]

Liz Swearsky

My experience with DCI has been wonderful. Everything is extremely transparent. The volunteers are totally focused on eradicating poverty and child workers and I am happy to be a part of this mission. My daughters Hannah and Isabella sent their sponsored children their recent school photos and some … [Read more...]

M. Rahman Khan

We are sponsoring Imran Imdadul (FK#34). Last year we visited the DCI project in Bangladesh. Thank you DCI for having the courage to go to difficult places and deal with the extreme needs of children in Bangladesh. We feel DCI is making a world of difference and a difference in the world. Everybody … [Read more...]

Zayan, Shaila & Javed A. Rahman

We have enjoyed our visit at DCI, It truly is remarkable to see how DCI operates and make significant contribution to a child’s well being. We are extremely happy that we have joined with the DCI and its programs. Our trip to Dhaka was very satisfying as we’ve met Samina (our sponsored child from … [Read more...]

Ziauddin Ahmed, MD

I visited Bangladesh on April 29, 2007. I was very satisfied to see the progress of our Sun-Child Sponsorship program. It was a great pleasure to discuss the details of our program with such experienced and dedicated volunteers. I am very excited about the future of this wonderful program. The work … [Read more...]

Md. Harun Roshid

Mr. Harun Roshid visited DCI’s Project in Bangladesh during April and May of 2007. Here are Mr. Harun Roshid’s comments: “Every time I visit Bangladesh from USA, I’m shocked to see the desperately poor children every where. During my visit last April I felt a little bit of relief knowing we are … [Read more...]

Rehan Reza

Mr. Rehan Reza visited DCI Project in Bangladesh in May-June, 2007. Mr. Rehan Reza’s Comments: I visited Bangladesh to observe the activities of DCI on May 26-June 17, 2007. I think truly fantastic work is being done. Everything is well organized. The DCI team is very effective and carries out their … [Read more...]

Dr. Shamsad Begum

Dr. Shamsad Begum Visited DCI Project in Bangladesh in June-July, 2007. She comments: As sponsor and one of the Advisers of DCI, I really wanted to visit Bangladesh to see DCI activities in Bangladesh. I am happy that I could make it. Now I realized that it was necessary for me to see with my own … [Read more...]

Rabiul Karim

Mr. Rabiul Karim visited DCI Project in Bangladesh in May-June, 2007. He comments: I am happy to see the great dedication of DCI team in Bangladesh. Excellent Job!! It was nice to see the many activities that are being carried out in Bangladesh through DCI. The children look very happy to be in … [Read more...]

Ehsan Rahman

“I came to know about DCI from Ms. Daisy of Decatur, Texas. We decided to sponsor DCI through this birthday party. We requested our guests to bring no gifts for the twins; however, if they wanted they could bring a donation for DCI in an envelope that we provided to each guest. Our guests … [Read more...]

Dr. M. H. Zaman

DCI’s Sun-Child Sponsorship program helps me engage in a social cause. When I met my ten sponsored children in Nilphamary, I realized that changes I was able to make with the help of DCI. I salute DCI. And I feel proud to be a part of DCI. I am very pleased to visit the office and now I have a … [Read more...]

Lutfa Khanam

For the past several years I have been sponsoring ten children. My humble contribution to ten children has given me a sense of humility and satisfaction, far beyond my expectations. God bless DCI for helping me with that realization. The progress report and the communications I received from DCI are … [Read more...]

Ruqsana Ahmed

Our family has been active in supporting three children in Bangladesh for two years. It was a beautiful experience to see the smiling face of those sponsored children while I visited all Sun Child Project areas in Bangladesh. I feel that we have lifted all the families’ spirits and the children … [Read more...]

M. Rahman Khan

We are sponsoring Imran Imdadul. Last year we visited the DCI project in Bangladesh. Thank you DCI for having the courage to go to difficult places and deal with the extreme needs of children in Bangladesh. We feel DCI is making a world of difference and a difference in the world. Everybody deserves … [Read more...]