Sabina Ahmed

Through DCI our aim is to enhance the physical, emotional, social and intellectual well-being of disadvantaged children who are in danger of dropping out of school or living in orphanage. With time and ongoing support, we intend to turn these tears of poverty into smiles, and to replace the sadness … [Read more...]

Dr. Maleka Ahmed Jappy

I am really honored and proud to be involved with DCI. I am confident the continuous effort of DCI and other organizations like this eventually will make a significant effect on child rights in this world. –Maleka Ahmed Jappy, Eastover , North Carolina … [Read more...]

Mat Nelson

Our family’s 1st visit to Bangladesh and we were fortunate to meet with DCI’s organization development consultant, Salam and the DCI team in Bangladesh. The work of the DCI appears very well thought out and effective. We look forward to supporting and partnering with DCI in the future. Thank you for … [Read more...]

Adil Faisal

I am delighted to meet the dedicated people in DCI. This is definitely a work worth pursuing. May Allah grant all their good efforts with success. We will insha Allah work together for my years to come. -Adil Faisal Dec 08, 2009 … [Read more...]

Sitara Ahmed

I began to sponsor a boy named Zafar Ullah since 2009 in Bangladesh; I received pictures of him showing his physical need. I donated $12.00 a month. I have seen awesome change in Zafar Ullah. He looks much healthier and doing better in school. He only missed 14 days of his attendance. He looks like … [Read more...]

Sonia Khan

We have been sponsoring a distressed child in Bangladesh since right after my little daughter Sohi was born. We keep the sponsored child’s picture in our home so that our daughter realizes that she has a friend back home in Bangladesh. We hope that she will develop a connection with our roots in … [Read more...]

Nahid Sharmin

Something amazing happened to our children. It created some new feelings in the hearts of our children. It opened their eyes to the pain of the rest of the world, showed them how the majority of children live and most importantly, motivated them to think of others. Compassion for others was born in … [Read more...]

Faraz Karim, M. Manzurul Karim and Hasina Karim

We are so proud of the work DCI is doing for our sponsored children. May God bless all of you. –Faraz Karim, M. Manzurul Karim, and Hasina Karim Coral Spring, FL … [Read more...]

Dr. Mutahar Ahmed

I am proud to be a sponsor of 50 children through the Sun Child Sponsorship Program of DCI. –Dr. Mutahar Ahmed, MBBS, MD New Jersey Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology Specializes in Robotic Urological Surgery … [Read more...]

Liz Swearsky

My experience with DCI has been wonderful. Everything is extremely transparent. The volunteers are totally focused on eradicating poverty and child workers and I am happy to be a part of this mission. My daughters Hannah and Isabella sent their sponsored children their recent school photos and some … [Read more...]

Sabbir Ahmed

It was indeed a great experience to meet the sponsored children of DCI at Hobiganj project. My family and I were touched by the warm reception we were given by the project people and especially the small kids. There is no doubt that DCI is doing a great job. I observed great commitment and … [Read more...]

Saleh Kibria

Mr. Saleh Kibria, his wife Jolly and children Saika and Joheb visited Bangladesh recently. In his address to DCI’s Bangladesh team he said, “We have a very strong group in the US. Through DCI we will try to do more for our country. We want to change our country. These children are our future, so we … [Read more...]

Nina Hoque

Over the last couple of years we have been able to create very strong system of support for the underprivileged children of Bangladesh through DCI. I encourage you to come and visit our projects in Bangladesh and see what you have helped DCI achieve. We are always looking for ways to improve and … [Read more...]

Glenn Dodge & Kristel Vanities

Thank you very much for an interesting presentation and discussion on your child sponsorship program and other programs. We were very impressed with the work that you are doing and look forward to learning more about your work in the future. We promise to continue our support as sponsors and … [Read more...]

Dr. M. H. Zaman

DCI’s Sun-Child Sponsorship program helps me engage in a social cause. When I meet my ten sponsored children in Nilphamary, I realized that changes I was able to make with the help of DCI. I salute DCI. And I feel proud to be a part of DCI. I am very pleased to visit the office and now I have a … [Read more...]

Arefin Babul

“My family is sponsoring two children in Bangladesh through the SCS Program of DCI since 2006. Being able to change a life gives us great satisfaction and reason of living. We hope others will be inspired and motivated to do the same. Through this child sponsorship program we realized that nothing … [Read more...]

Professor Mabel Gomez

I could not believe how DCI is changing lives in Bangladesh, before I saw it in my own eyes. I request everybody to come to visit Bangladesh to see the activities of DCI. Let’s do the job together. Let’s make a change together. –Professor Mabel Gomez Columbia University August, 2009 … [Read more...]

Matt and Kim Nelson

We are excited to visit Sun Child and DCI. The presentation and hospitality are inspiring. We are interested to learn about Bangladesh and DCI’s work with Bangladesh children. The work is significant and our family would like to participate. –Matt Nelson and Kim Nelson, CA April 4, 2009 … [Read more...]

Jennings and Lane Nelson

Hi, I am Jennings. I have learned a lot about the children here. I am enjoying this trip very much. We are very happy to be sponsors of four children through DCI. Thank you. –Jennings Nelson, CA April 4, 2009 I am Lane. This meeting has been very interesting and I have learned a lot. I look … [Read more...]

Andrew Rony Rozario

I am very pleased to meet and talk to my sponsored child, Asha in this office. DCI made this connection possible. I strongly believe that the work that DCI is doing is absolutely necessary to advance our country. I am proud to be a part of DCI. I wish that Asha will carry on her education and … [Read more...]

Rtn. Mohammad Shahid

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all DCI team members (Mr. Moneam, Mr. Lucky, Mr. Ranjen and Mr. A. Sattar) at Shoula for their excellent arrangement of inauguration Ceremony of AGAMI School at Shoula and Free Eye Camp. We (myself and my daughter Sabah) were very much impressed with … [Read more...]

Dr. Shahan Chowdhury

What a wonderful idea! I hope with everyone’s teamwork and ambition, the vision of helping as many children as possible will come to fruition. Truly inspiring to see what has happened already. I will see you and the children in the field soon! –Dr. Shahan Chowdhury, TX Jan 3, 2009 … [Read more...]

Eng. Siddique

I am really impressed with your work. I see that you are really making a change, and I will be always with you. Keep up the good work! –Eng. Siddique Dec 28, 2008 … [Read more...]

Javed Rahman

I am very impressed with the progress of DCI. This is my second visit and I will continue to be involved with DCI. Thank you all so very much and I appreciate all of your hard work. –Javed Rahman, GA Dec 28, 2008 … [Read more...]