CCRS 2015: Award Winners

5th Conference on Child Rights & Sight
October 24, 2015

Yale University, New Haven, CT

2015 Award Winners

DCI presents awards at the Conference on Child Rights & Sight to individuals who are making significant contributions to the defense of child rights as well as highly motivated youth who will become the next generation of humanitarian leaders.

Select an award from the menu below to meet this year’s winners!

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2015 Youth Leadership Awards

Sreejon Lala – Fargo, ND

Sreejon Lala

Sreejon Lala was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota (July 29th, 1997 – December 29th, 2014). During his short life he made a significant impression on his classmates, teachers, family and friends. He excelled in academics and at the same time did hundreds of hours of volunteer work with child leukemia patients, senior living center, and Touchmark VA hospital. He created a database for CLASS and wrote two research papers. His teachers had very high hopes for him not only in his professional career, but as a human being who stood out as a role model for other kids. DCI takes this opportunity to celebrate his life and his contribution to humanity.

Bushra Hasan – Chandler, AZ

Bushra Hasan

For the past three years Bushra has given approximately 300 hours towards community service activities. She has received the Congressional Award Silver Medal for her work. She has been volunteering with food banks and the Hospice program. She took her own initiative to tutor and spends the weekends helping Somali women learn English so they can find jobs in their community. She also helps children with their homework and tutors them with anything they struggle with.

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2015 Child Rights Essay Competition

Essays will be published daily – please check DCI’s Facebook page for updates

Group 1: Grades 5-8

Rehan Kabir1st Prize: Rehan Kabir from Gaithersburg, MD

Clearspring Elementary School

“Three Major Problems Children Face: Lack of Access to Education, Child Labor, and Child Hunger”

Ifeanyi Okeke2nd Prize: Ifeanyi Okeke from Nkpor, Nigeria

Winners International School

“A Better Future”


Nafisa Uddin3rd prize: Nafisa Uddin from Tampa, FL

Williams Middle Magnet IB School

“Extinguishing the Flames of Child Trafficking”


Chideraa Obidi3rd prize: Chideraa Obidi from Nkpor, Nigeria

Winners International School

“It’s All Coming Back to Me”

Group 2: Grades 9-12

Mehreen Pasha1st Prize: Mehreen Pasha from Cheshire, CT

Choate Rosemary Hall

“Education for Children of the Developing World: A Chance at a New Beginning”

Raiba Soada2nd prize: Raiba Soada from Fayetteville, NC

Terry Sanford High School

“Breaking the Child Abuse Cycle: Poverty”


Benjamin Ekpunobi3rd prize: Benjamin Ekpunobi from Nkpor, Nigeria

Winners International School

“Show a Little Kindness”

Group 3: College/University Students

Adiba Mobin1st Prize: Adiba Mobin from Austin, TX

University of Texas, Austin

“An Eye-Opening Summer”


Jason Doukakis2nd Prize: Jason A. Doukakis from New Haven, CT

Yale University

“16,000 Ebola Orphans: Rethinking Global Children’s Health”


Rumman Kibria2nd prize: Rumman Kibria from Los Angeles, CA

Santa Monica College

“The Ongoing Struggle with Child Rights”


Sonia Chiamaka Okorie3rd prize: Sonia Chiamaka Okorie from Chestnut Hill, MA

Boston College

“Lift Our Children Above Malaria’s Burden”

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2015 Child Rights Photo Competition

Photos will be published daily – please check DCI’s Facebook page for updates

Group 1: Grades 5-8

Raghib Yasar Polok1st Prize: Raghib Yasar Polok from Dhaka, Bangladesh

View photos



Group 2: Grades 9-12

Mohammed Arafat1st Prize: Mohammed Arafat from New York, NY

View photos



Siam Rezwan2nd Prize: Siam Rezwan from Wausau, WI

View photos



Zeehan Dewan3rd Prize: Zeehan Dewan from Keller, TX

View photos



Group 3: College/University Students

Muhammad Munimuzzaman Khan1st Prize: Muhammad Munimuzzaman Khan from Dhaka, Bangladesh

View photos



Rana Pandey2nd Prize: Rana Pandey from Kolkata, India

View photos



Moonjarin Shamsad3rd Prize: Moonjarin Shamsad from Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Group 4: Adults

Istiak Mahmud1st Prize: Istiak Mahmud from Dhaka, Bangladesh

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2015 DCI Youth Volunteer Awards

Sofia Hoque – Cheshire, CT

Sofia Hoque

Sofia has worked with DCI since 3rd grade and consistently demonstrates commitment toward DCI’s mission. She’s made significant contributions organizing and leading other volunteers to complete mailings, conduct research, and organize information booths at events. Recently she’s taken on the responsibility of helping maintain DCI’s bookkeeping and website.

Best DCI College Chapter: Stony Brook University Chapter

DCI Stony Brook University Chapter

The Stony Brook chapter has established itself as a role model for management and leadership. It has shown consistent dedication, commitment and initiative toward DCI’s mission since its inception in 2009. By organizing creative events and fostering student involvement they have been successful in spreading DCI’s message among their peers. Most notably, they have provided sponsorship support to 50 children over the last several years.

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2015 DCI Key Contributor Awards

Simon Bayley

Simon Bayley

Simon has played a vital role in the development of DCI by creating various documents and helping to make different organizational decisions since its inception. Has played a very important advisory role. Recently, he has been working to establish a DCI chapter in the UK. DCI is indebted to him for his dedication.

Ruqsana Ahmed (Polly)

Ruqsana Ahmed (Polly)

Polly has been working with DCI since its inception. She played a crucial role in the beginning of DCI’s journey by helping establish DCI’s child sponsorship program and creating one of our first state chapters in Michigan. She has traveled to all our remote village projects and played a very important teambuilding role in the USA and Bangladesh.

Dr. Mahmudur Rahman

Dr. Mahmudur Rahman

Dr. Mahmudur has shown extraordinary commitment and dedication to DCI’s mission. He has played a vital role in bringing DCI to its present state by helping with decision-making, problem-solving, fundraising, and event management. DCI is indebted to him for his selfless and tireless leadership.

Dr. Nick Lodge

Dr. Nick Lodge

Dr. Nick has shown extraordinary dedication to DCI’s mission and vision. He is continuously helping DCI with publications and has diligently promoted DCI’s mission through the development of different collaborations and partnerships, which has strengthened DCI’s platform to help children.

Salina Imam (Shelly)

Salina Imam

DCI is indebted to Shelly for her extraordinary commitment and dedication to our mission. She has travelled to all of DCI’s projects in Bangladesh, provided valuable direction, and has shown an extraordinary ability to take leadership through increasing our network and fundraising She is one of DCI’s greatest spokespeople.

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