Every Child has a right to equal opportunities, a right to Dream.

Join DCI and save a life!

At DCI we join our efforts to lift children out of poverty cycle, stop child labor and prevent early marriage by providing education, health care and income generating opportunities.


Our Programs

Sun Child Sponsorship

DCI’s flagship Sun Child Sponsorship Program’s primary objective is to provide severely underprivileged children with the resources they need to stay in school instead of having to enter the labor force or early marriage, and thereafter keeping them on track to become independent and productive citizens through educational and training opportunities. In addition, the program provides health and vision care as well as school and community support … Read More

Orphan Support

The orphan support program provides support to orphaned children either living in government or non-government orphanages or living with their extended family. The program has been operating since 2008. We give support for basic necessities special day meals, education, training, adolescent counselling, health and vision care …Read More

Blindness Prevention

DCI’s Blindness prevention program works to prevent and treat vision loss among underprivileged children and their families by making vision care accessible to all. DCI organizes free community and school-based eye screening camps; provide treatment for vision impairment, especially for refractive error and cataracts; and educate people about eye health and treatments….Read More

Journey for Child Rights & Sight

The objective of the Journey for Child Rights & Sight (JCRS) is to raise awareness about the prevalence of preventable blindness and the plight of underprivileged children worldwide, and to find the solutions necessary to protect them and improve the quality of their lives. JCRS aims to create an international network and inspire our youth and global community to action on behalf of underprivileged children….Read More ​​